About Kupatana

About Kupatana

Kupatana was founded in 2013 in by Robin André Eklund ..., and the name was first buyandselltanzania.com. After a few months expanded the Kupatana to offer buy and sell ads across the country. Today, Kupatana is a marketplace where you can find almost everything you need - all from shoes for a few dollars to houses for millions, or a new job.

Secondhand trade - a social movement

Kupatanas users - satisfied customers who buy, sell, trade - is the most important ambassadors and has been vital for Kupatans positive development. Secondhand trade continues to grow every year that passes. More and more people realize how convenient it is while internet habit and environmental awareness increases. Its approach to things and ownership are also changing and operates secondhand commerce gaining ground in Tanzania.

Kupatana in society

  • Working for good working conditions, work environment, eco-smart offices and server rooms.

We are Kupatana

  • Availability.
  • Free of charge.
  • Buy and sell as it suits you.